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The blueberry is a true-blue food. It derives its bold coloring form the high content of anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a water soluble pigment that imparts colors ranging from blue to shades of red.  Blueberry color is an important quality factor influencing fresh-market value and the suitability of the berries of the berries for processing. Their intense red to blue color, and high pigment content, makes them a good candidate for colorant ingredients for foods. 
Blueberries begin their life as a little, green berry. What happens to transform them into a plump, blue pockets of flavor?
Fertilization of the ovary
Flower swells rapidly for about a month and then stops.
Green berry develops with no change in size.
Calyx end turns purplish and rest of berry becomes translucent in appearance.
Next few days a light purple color begins to develop and then deeper purple.
During color change the berry volume increases rapidly.

Intensity of pigmentation increases during the first six days of color change. Therefore most of the anthocyanin. is developed in the fruit during this early stage of maturation. 



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