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Name: Carboximetilcelulosa

Synonyms: Cellulosecarboxymethyl ether sodium salt; CMC sodium salt

CAS Registry Number: 9004-32-4

Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is a cellulose derivative with carboxymethyl groups (-CH2-COOH)bound to some of the hydroxyl groups of the glucopyranose monomers that make upthe cellulose backbone. It is often used as its sodium salt, sodiumcarboxymethyl cellulose.
CMC is used in food science as a viscosity modifier orthickener, and to stabilize emulsions in various products including ice cream.As a food additive, it has E number E466. It is also a constituent of manynon-food products, such as K-Y Jelly, toothpaste, laxatives, diet pills,water-based paints, detergents, textile sizing and various paper products. Itis used primarily because of it has high viscosity, is non-toxic, and isnon-allergenic. CMC is used as a lubricant in non-volatile eye drops(artificial tears). Sometimes it is methyl cellulose (MC) which is used, butits non-polar methyl groups (-CH3) do not add any solubility orchemical reactivity to the base cellulose.



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