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An oleoresin is a naturally occurring substance made up of a combination of an oil and a resin. Oleoresin capiscum is an oleoresin extracted from chili peppers (the Capiscum genus). It has several functions, one of which works so well it has a diverse legality.


Oleoresin capiscum extract is oily and is made of a mixture of phenols called capsaicinoids, of which capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin are the two main constituents.


Oleoresin capsicum is used in topical creams for pain, and in a spray for personal defense (of which the content of oleoresin capsicum depends on the manufacturer).


Spray containing oleoresin capsicum for self defense is technically allowed in all of the United States, however local restrictions may apply.


Self defense sprays using oleoresin capiscum may not actually be safe enough to be called nonlethal.


If you are allergic to pepper plants you should avoid oleoresin capsicum. Health problems may occur



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