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Name:  D-Ribose

Synonyms:  D(-)-Ribose

Molecular Structure:  

Molecular Formula:  C5H10O5

Molecular Weight:  150.13

CAS Number:  50-69-1

EINECS:  200-059-4

Ribose, primarily occurring as D-ribose, is an organic compound that occurs widely in nature. D-ribose is often marketed as a supplement for bodybuilders with a common recommended daily dose being 5 g, even though most studies have found no evidence that it is helpful for endurance, recovery or increasing muscle mass in healthy people. Ribose is a carbohydrate used by cells for body’s energy production. D-Ribose plays a critical role in the production of ATP, which provides the energy for short burst of power movements during workout. Supplementing with Ribose can increase energy levels via increased ATP, and thus enhancing performance, and recovery, which leads to greater gains.

D-Ribose in our company was produced by fermentation with high yield rate and stable quality by adopting reliable & applied extraction & refinement techniques which makes D-Ribose advanced in worldand annually output is more than one hundred tons



Product name





Test Items



Specifications (AJI92)






White or slightly yellow crystals or crystalline powder, reducing sugar



Assay (HPLC)






Specific rotation



-18.0° to -22.0°



State of Solution



95% Min



Loss on drying



3.0% Max



Residue on ignition



0.2% Max



Heavy metals



10ppm Max






2ppm Max



Other saccharide



Not detectable (chromatographically)





Packing: 25Kgs per drum.



Storage:    Stored in a dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat.



Shelf life: Two years when stored properly in a well-closed container.








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