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Name:Ferrous gluconate

Synonyms:Iron gluconate; Glucoferron

Molecular Structure :

Molecular Formula :C12H22FeO14

Molecular Weight: 446.15

CAS Registry Number :299-29-6 (18829-42-0)

Iron(II) gluconate, or ferrous gluconate, is a black compound often used as an iron supplement. It is the iron(II) salt of gluconic acid. It is marketed under brand names such as Fergon, Ferralet, and Simron. It is also present in the combination supplement dianazene, a vitamin mixture created by L. Ron Hubbard and used in the religion Scientology.
Ferrous gluconate is used as a food additive when processing black olives. It imparts a uniform jet black colour to the olives.
Uses: iron reinforcing agent, color stabilizer.
Introduction: it is made of reductive iron and gluconic acid, including granular product and powdery product.

Assay 97.0-102.0%
Moisture 12%Max
Ferrio Iron 2.0% Max
Chloride 0.07% Max
Sulfate 0.1% Max
As 3ppm Max
Lead 0.001% Max
Mercury 3ppm Max
Reducing Substances Meet the experiment

Packing: 25kg/bag or drum

Storage:Avoid moisture and stored in cool and shady place

Shelf life:2 years



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