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La goma Gellan

Gellan gum is a water-soluble polysaccharide produced by Sphingomonas elodea, a bacterium
Gellan gum, also known commercially as Phytagel or Gelrite, is used primarily as a gelling agent, alternative to agar, in microbiological culture. It is able to withstand 120 °C heat, making it especially useful in culturing thermophilic organisms. One needs only approximately half the amount of gellan gum as agar to reach an equivalent gel strength, though the exact texture and quality depends on the concentration of divalent cations present. Gellan gum is used as gelling agent in plant cell culture on petri-dishes, as it provides a very clear gel, facilitating light microscopical analyses of the cells and tissues. Although advertised as being inert, experiments with the moss Physcomitrella patens have shown that choice of the gelling agent - agar or Gelrite - does influence phytohormone sensitivity of the plant cell culture.
Item Specification Result
PH(1% solution) 4.0-7.0 6.4
Ash 15.0% Max 11.0%
Loss on drying 6-14% 7.0%
Particle size through 80(150 micron) 99% Min 100%
Particle size through 100 mesh(150 micron) 97% Min 100%
Transmittancy 74% Min 85%
Isopropyl Alcohol 750ppm Max 30ppm
Heavy Metals 20.0ppm Max 2.5ppm
Lead 2.0ppm Max 0.4ppm
Arsenic 3.0ppm Max 0.3ppm
Bacteria 10000CFU/g Max 1000CFU/g
Mold 400CFU/g Max <50CFU/g
Coliform MPN/100g Complies
S.aureus Absent in 1.0g Complies
P.aeruginosa Absent in 1.0g Complies



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