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Name: Magnesium Phosphate.

Molecular Formula.: Mg3(PO4)2.8H2O

Molecular Weight: 406.98

Magnesium phosphate is a general term for salts of magnesium and phosphate appearing in three forms: Magnesium phosphate monobasic (Mg(H2PO4)2) Magnesium phosphate dibasic (MgHPO4) Magnesium phosphate tribasic (Mg3(PO4)2) Various forms have been used as laxatives and antacids. Magnesium phosphate dibasic and tribasic are listed on on FDA´s Generally recognized as safe, or GRAS, list of substances
Product name Magnesium Phosphate
Items Specifications
Apperance White fine powder
Particle size 200 mesh
Assay (as Mg3(PO4)2) 98.0 ~ 101.5 %
MgO -----
Loss on drying 2 % Max.
Heavy metals 30 ppm Max.
Arsenic 3 ppm Max.
Fluoride 0.001 % Max.

Package: In 25kgs net of paper bag lined with pp bag.

Storage and transportation: To be stored in a dry and ventilative warhouses. Keep away from moisture and poisonous substances. Handle with care.



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