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Product Name: Manganese sulphate

Synonyms: manganese(2+)sulfate(1:1);manganese(ii)sulfate(1:1);manganesesulfate(1:1);manganesesulfate(mnso4);Manganoussulfate,anhydrous;man-gro;ncic61143;sorba-spraymanganese

Molecular Structure:

Molecular Formula: MnO4S

Molecular Weight: 151

CAS: 7785-87-7

EINECS: 232-089-9

Manganese(II) sulfate is the inorganic compound with the formula MnSO4. This colourless deliquescent solid is a commercially significant manganese(II) salt. Approximately 260M kg/y were produced worldwide in 2005. It is the precursor to manganese metal and many chemical compounds. Mn-deficient soil is remediated with this salt. Like many metal sulfates, manganese sulfate forms a variety of hydrates: monohydrate, tetrahydrate, pentahydrate, heptahydrate. The monohydrate is most common. All of these salts are faintly pink. The pale color of Mn(II) salts is characteristic of high-spin complexes with the d5 configuration.
Product name Manganese Sulfate
Item Specification
Description White and slightly pink powder
Purity 98% Min.
Mn 31.8% Min.
Fe 0.004% Max.
Cl 0.004% Max.
Water insoluble matter 0.05% Max.
Pb 0.0015% Max.
Cd 0.001% Max.
As 0.0005% Max.

Packing: 25kg/bag



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