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Name:Fosfato monocálcico anhidro ( MCPA)

Synonimes: 4-Chloro-o-tolyloxyacetic acid MCPA

CAS number : [94-74-6]

Molecular formula: C9H9ClO3

Molar mass:  200.62 g/mol

MCPA or 2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid is a powerful, selective, widely-used phenoxy herbicide. The pure compound is a brown-colored powder. Because it is inexpensive, MCPA is used in various chemical applications. Its carboxylic acid group allows the formation of conjugated complexes with metals (see below). The acid functionality makes MCPA a versatile synthetic intermediate for more complex derivatives. MCPA is used as an herbicide, generally as its salt or esterified forms. Used thus, it controls broadleaf weeds, including thistle and dock, in cereal crops and pasture. It is selective for plants with broad leaves, and this includes most deciduous trees. Clovers are tolerant at moderate application levels. It is currently classified as a restricted use pesticide. Its toxicity and biodegradation are topics of current research. One formulation is described by its manufacturer as "designed for specific markets that require the safest possible phenoxy product, primarily for use in the Pacific Northwest". Though not extremely toxic,it has recently been determined that MCPA can form complexes with metal ions and thereby increase their bioavailability, though there is also work being done to utilize this ability.



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