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Rosemary essential oil has a wide variety of therapeutic effects for aromatherapists. Learn how to safely use and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of rosemary oil.

Essential Oil Botonicals: Rosemary essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of Rosmarinus officinalis, and over 68 pounds of leaf material is needed to create one pound of pure Rosemary essential oil.

  • Scent: Rosemary essential oil has a fresh, piercing scent that is mildly pine-like but sweeter.
  • Color and Body Grade: Rosemary is a clear essential oil that has middle note properties making it an essential oil that blends very well with others.
  • Essential Oil Chemical Content: The main essential oil constituents of rosemary essential oil are pinene, cineol, camphor, camphene, bornyl acetate, borneol and verbenon.



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